New Jablonec Football Head: The team has the first six

The director of the lottery company Tipgames André Kruf was recently elected as new chairman of the board of directors and appointed as president of FK Jablonec. In the management of the club he replaced the union boss Miroslav Pelta, who remained on the board and held the majority share.

The Dutch Kruf gave a big interview to the club’s website. What did he say?

About Jablonec Team Performance

cups, but then we did not do that well. It was still in the final of the cup to save it, but we did not succeed. This season there are some parallels. I do not know if it’s in the heads of those players if the pressure is big.But when we look at our list, we should not be afraid of any rivals and we should measure with the best. I do not think we do not have quality in cadres but somehow we can not show it on the pitch.

About Plans

In general, I would like to focus a lot on the youth and make use of the experience I have free bets gained in Příbram. There I was involved in the creation of an academy which in recent years has gathered sports achievements by raising a number of talents. Of each year three or four players moved to the basic set or moved directly to other clubs like Pilsen or straight abroad.This, of course, can not be built right now, even though some of the puppies are now in the pit.

About Your Business

p> In 2002 I founded Tipgames together with Tipsport. But in 2011 we sold it and new owners asked me if I could stay in the role of the chairman of the board. In this position, I have been working until recently, but with regard to development and unpleasant mediation, I have decided to resign, and I only work as a director there. Regardless of the last events, this has not been my main activity for a long time. Since 2005, I have been active in the textile industry, where I own a licensed textile company.I also have shares in various e-shops with sporting goods and other companies.

About clubbing

I see almost no clubs in Czech betting app mobile conditions. With a larger population (in the Netherlands), local clubs may be able to collect more TV rights or sponsorship. But the significant difference there is in attendance. Fans create a huge difference in both ticket and souvenir income. We will not compare big clubs like Ajax or PSV Eindhoven. But clubs comparable to us, like Arnhem or Utrecht, have average visits to the match between fifteen and twenty thousand people, and each other needs to go in new dresses. Bohemian clubs really miss this revenue.In addition, fans abroad are more interested in their club. In the Czech Republic, many people like to talk about football, but they will not show up in the stadium.

About the relationship with Pelta

it must have been between 2009 and 2010, when we were Tipgames for the first time as a club partner. After a one-year pause, I was again approached by Mr. Pelta and in the last two seasons we were one of the club’s main partners. For a long time, I have seen FK Jablonec’s development relatively close. Mr. Pelta offered me if I wanted to participate actively in running and running the club.We would like to stabilize the club for a long time at the level where Mr. Pelta was able to get it.